Target group:  A business unit or a whole organization
Goals: Implementation of an integrated and continuous communication system (top-to-Bottom), visualization through team boards along the communication cascade, execution of effective hands-on leadership on the shop floor
Characteristics: Communication takes place in an unstructured fashion, daily arrangements are rarely documented and if so they turn into lengthy E-Mails, E-Mail chains are sent through the organization filling up the Mailboxes, the continuous „He said / She Said“ game reduces productivity, challenges along the value chain are rarely – or with much delay – identified and solved, the information flow is slow and is carefully filtered before it reaches top management
Duration: 3-5 months

Effort: as situation demands it between 10-40 consulting days
Requirement: active support from the Top-Management acting as a role model

Result/ROI: transparent, effective, structured and direct communication across all hierarchy levels, early detection if deviances along the value chain,  faster reaction and decision making, acceleration of your value creation process, enhancement of the collaboration climate and generally more satisfied employees and managers