We support our clients on their way towards their complete implementation of a Lean Production System. We deliver outstanding project results in Operation Excellence, Research & Development, Production, Supply Chain & Quality. Our high quality consulting service guarantees fast return of investment and substancial cost and lead time reduction. Our qualification strategy is focused to secure important know-how transfer into your organisation.


Target group: A Business unit or a whole organization

Goals: Complete Lean Transformation, Cultural change, Building lean management know-how, activation of already existing lean tools, execution of lean projects, reduce inefficiency and waste along the value chain
low efficiency along the value chain, existing lean tools are not being used, parts of the management have not understood lean management philosophy

6-12 months

 between 10-100 consulting days

curiosity and willingness to change at Top-Management level

efficient processes along the value chain, motivated employees, sustainable self-organized learning system, improvement of relevant KPI´s