“Companies that are adapting to a digital world are 26% more profitable than industry peers.” (Sloan-Report März 2016)

Suddenly the digital revolution came around and swept big companies like Kodak of the market. New digital cameras fully satisfied customer needs. Estimates show, that in 2011 alone as many digital pictures have been, since the invention of fphotography all together.

Camera technology is getting smaller and the components build into smart phones have more performance – so much more performance that mobile phone have become part of the camera market, reducing the market share of  camera “only” brands.

The quantity and quality of digital components that exist today exceed imagination. They will change business models, fully satisfying customer needs and providing them with new services.

To become a digital player you will need to combine existing digital components together with your knowledge of how to do business and your customer needs. We deliver the know how to make the transition into the digital world.

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