Target group:  A business unit or a whole organization


  1. complete transformation into an agile organisation
  2. Implementation of agile management tools to enhance the performance of your organisation
  3. Implementation of agile project management methodology in parts of your organisation


  1. As the business owner you want to transit in to the agile organisation
  2. As CEO/GM you want to implement some agile management practices in your organisation
  3. As a Business Unit Manager you are looking for ways to implement agile methodology like (wie z.B. Agile Development, SCRUM, KANBAN) in your unit

Duration: 6-12 months

 as situation demands it

as a company owner you are willing to transit into the agile world, the top managemement and other stakeholdersopeness are open for change
Result/ROI: A agile organisation with all its advantages, successful implementation of agilen management tools in parts of the organisation