Lean Culture Change Management

  • Lean Culture Change Management is a mind-set and a change concept, that has been developed by TeamThink over the course of the last 17 years.
  • We combine two essential consulting approaches into one: Lean Management Consulting & Leadership Culture Development.
  • TeamThink delivers you a high quality one-stop service for you complete Lean Culture Change transformation.

Lean Management Consulting

  • We support our clients on their way towards their complete implementation of a Lean Production System.
  • We deliver outstanding project results in Operation Excellence, Research & Development, Production, Supply Chain & Quality.
  • Our high quality consulting service guarantees fast return of investment and substancial cost and lead time reduction.
  • Our qualification strategy is focused to secure important know-how transfer into your organisation.

Leadership Culture Development

  • TeamThink creates stainable change in your leadership culture by introducing our concept of Rotating Leadership.
  • By introducing the concept, mind-set and management tools of Rotating Leadership your organization will become smarter, faster, more agile and lean across all levels of the organization: Top-Management, Middle Management, Teamleaders and Supervisors.
  • Through a series of Managementtrainings, Teamworkshops and Interfaceworkshops we facilitate the necessary mind-set change that enables more effective collaboration, better decision making, full accountability and real commitment.